project submission criteria

Creativity Capital looks at all types of projects, but we require a minimum level of components in place to enable us to make a full assessment. For films and television shows these include:

The project needs a script that’s both engaging and entertaining, as well as having the ability to play to a world-wide audience. The script should be at an advanced stage of development.

Budget & Finance Plan
We request that all projects are fully budgeted and include a detailed finance plan with at least 50% of the required financing already secured.

Please provide an accurate and achievable timeline for the project, breaking down pre-production, shoot, post-production and delivery.

Cast & Crew
The optimal project will have the cast and crew already secured, however evidence that this process is in final negotiations usually suffices. Ideally, the attached cast and crew will be proven professionals, who hold some commercial value within the film’s respective market.

Sales Agent
We can only asses a project with a reputable sales agent attached who has provided up-to-date sales estimates.

To asses a project’s market potential, we would like to see a couple of pre-sales to back up the sales estimates.

All investments are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information or to apply for investment please contact us at