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9th August 2019

World Premiere of ‘Sea Fever’ at TIFF!

Creativity Capital are pleased to see the world premier of its very own ‘Sea Fever’ at Toronto Film Festival this year.

Founded in 1976, the event offers screenings, lectures, discussions, workshops and opportunities to meet film-makers from around the world. Considered as one of the “Big Five”, TIFF attracts almost 500,000 people a year, and this year will take place from 5th until the 15th September.

Writer-Director’s Neasa Hardiman’s thrilling feature film narrates the story of the crew aboard an Irish stranded trawler, battling for survival amidst a growing parasite in their water supply.

Read more about this year’s TIFF here:

Toronto Film Festival Unveils Documentary, Midnight, Discovery Lineups

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