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5th November 2022

Creativity Capital attending Black Nights Film Festival

Once again we’re excited to join filmmakers from all over the world in Tallinn this year from the 21st until the 25th of November at the Black Nights Film Festival. If you’re attending, come and say Tere!

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  • 23rd October 2022

    How Screen Australia is stalling small films

    Patrick Fischer is the managing director of Creativity Capital. He is based in the United Kingdom and is a fan of Australian filmmakers.

    About three years ago Fischer’s company lent more than $US1 million to a Queensland production company, headed by Steve Jaggi, which was the first local company to resume production after the pandemic lockdowns.

    Over this period The Steve Jaggi Company was responsible for more than $30 million in production expenditure, on titles for Netflix, Disney and Network Ten.

    Fischer lent The Steve Jaggi Company the money in the expectation that the project would receive the producer offset – a legislated tax incentive for screen production that rebates producers between 30 and 40 per cent of their production costs.

    Based on the scheme’s 15 years of operation, both producer and financier had an expectation that the loan would be repaid within two or three months of the application being lodged.

    “We were waiting to be paid out and then we start hearing from Steve that Screen Australia are short-staffed, and we said ‘Well, these things happen in the film industry’,” Fischer says.

    “But then it became chronic. All of a sudden, we heard it could be six months, or another year, and when this is sprung on you as a financier this is going to wreak havoc on your deals.”

    As a result of the time taken by Screen Australia to process Jaggi’s offset application, the loan from Fischer’s company was so late in being repaid that under the contract it triggered penalty conditions where default interest kicked in.

    “We were trying to be nice because we could see it was beyond Steve’s control,” Fischer says, “but he was faced with the prospect of paying more money to keep the money out there for longer, and this was money that he didn’t need to pay.”

    Read the whole article here 

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  • 15th October 2022

    Creativity Capital helps Madame Blanc uncover new mysteries

    Creativity Capital is co-financing season 2 of the Channel 5 hit show, which will include a Christmas Special. The creator of the series, Sally Lindsay, will return to reprise her role of Jean White. Sally has also joined forces again with Sue Vincent, who will also return on screen as Gloria Beaushaw, to co-write the second series.

    Sally Lindsay said: “The team and I were overwhelmed with the amazing response to The Madame Blanc Mysteries last year. Sue and I were thrilled to get the go-ahead to create seven more mysteries in the beautiful sunshine of Sainte Victoire. We were even more delighted to create a Christmas special as Christmas television has always been a highlight of the television year for me.”

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  • 9th August 2022

    Raven’s Hollow trailer and release date

    Deadline: Shudder has unveiled the first trailer for Christopher Hatton’s supernatural period horror Raven’s Hollow, inspired by an incident in the life of American mystery writer Edgar Allan Poe when he was a West Point military cadet.

    Chronicles of Narnia star William Moseley stars as Poe with other cast members including Melanie Zanetti (Love and Monsters), Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones), David Hayman (Fisherman’s Friends), Oberon K. A. Adjepong (The Dark Tower), and Callum Woodhouse (All Creatures Great and Small).

    The feature world premieres at the UK’s FrightFest on August 27 ahead of its launch on AMC Networks-backed Shudder on September 22. Caroline Stern lead produced under the banner of Canoe Film in association with Cinevilla Studios, 828 Media Capital, Creativity Capital, Fullwell 73 and Filmgate Films.


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  • 19th June 2022

    Patrick Fischer at Locarno Film Financing Panel

    Creativity Capital’s Patrick Fischer has been invited to attend the industry section of the Locarno Film Festival and speak on an industry panel about the future of film finance. He will be attending from the 3rd to the 8th of August. For meeting requests please contact

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  • 15th May 2022

    Creativity Capital attending the Cannes Film Festival

    It’s been three long years but Cannes is back in person and on the Cote D’Azur and so will we. Our team is in town from the 18th until the 24th of May. Creativity projects Queen Mary and Raven’s Hollow will be selling at the market with Rocket Science and Canoe respectively.

    For meeting requests please contact

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  • 12th March 2022

    Creativity Capital attending SERIES MANIA

    Creativity’s Richard Kondal and Patrick Fischer will be attending Series Mania from the 19th until the 23rd of March. For meeting requests please contact

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  • 25th February 2022

    Hapless Series 2 starts shooting

    Creativity is proud to announce our funding support for Gary Sinyor’s “Hapless” Series 2 which starts shooting in London next week.

    Hapless stars Tim Downie, who is also to appear in Amazon Prime’s Good Omens 2 as a journalist for the fourth biggest Jewish publisher in the UK, alongside Jeany Spark, Josh Howie and Mike Fenton Stevens.

    You can catch the first Series on Netflix and ViaPlay.

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